The Gaza-Israeli Conflict

gaza israeli

On July 8th, 2014, Israel began their mission (Operation Protective Edge) to eliminate the presence of Hamas in Gaza City and to turn the Gazan citizens against them so that they can no longer have any support from the Palestinian people. The operation lasted a total of 7 weeks, and consisted of relentless bombardment of Gaza, and an enormous ground invasion of the city led by the Israeli Defence Force. The conflict resulted in about 2200 Gazan deaths.

Thousands of innocent people were displaced throughout the conduction of Operation Protective Edge. The Palestinian had already been displaced and are now going through that same process once again. 18 thousand Palestinian homes were totally destroyed by Israeli Air raids which claim to be hunting down “Hamas Militants and their tunnels”. According to the United Nations, at the peak of the Israeli assault, an estimated amount of about 485 thousand Palestinians were displaced.

On July 29, 2014 Israel used a technique of collective punishment, in which the IDF bombed Gaza’s only power plant which supported more than 95% of the entire Gazan population. There were no Hamas militants or tunnels in or near the power grid! According to the UN, 22 schools were destroyed and 118 damaged, and at least six teachers killed. Nearly half a million children had to start of their school year delayed about 2 months.

We must recognize the basic rights of humans and challenge those who oppose it. Human blood should not shed without a reasonable justification. The deaths of innocent humans cannot be justified. The Palestinians have endured years of hardship, starting from the 1948 mass exodus caused by British and Jewish military personnel and until now they still suffer due to limitations put upon the population in regards to the importation and exportation of goods. Humans should not have to live in fear in their day to day lives and one must recognize an oppression and use will and power to eliminate the oppression from continuing. (BBC)

~Zayd El-Ali


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