Self-Adjustable Eyeglasses

self-adjustable eyeglassesMany people around the world have poor vision and suffer from it. People in rich countries can solve the problem easily by glasses or contact lenses, but many people in developing countries cannot afford it. According to The World Health Organization, approximately 517 million people in developing countries are visually impaired. Poor vision affects public safety, economic, and education. For people in developing countries,the problem does not come from the cost of glasses but mainly the severe lack of eye specialists. To solve the vision problem in many developing countries, Adaptive Eyecare worked on this problem and created self-adjustable eyeglasses.

Joshua Silver, an atomic physicist at Oxford University, invented adjustable eyeglasses using silicone fluid. The wearer can change the amount of silicon oil to control the lens power. He said that it can help about 90 percent of the population needing version correction. But they still need to work on a reasonable cost. The price of the glasses is about fifteen dollars, which is very cheap compared to ordinary glasses, but can be a burdensome price to pay for many people who live on less than a dollar per day.

In many developing countries, more than 40,000 adults have purchased and benefited greatly from the use of these adjustable glasses. It is just a pair of eyeglasses, but it improves more than what you can imagine. The self-adjustable glasses will provide not only vision correction but an opportunity to learn and make better life for those who are not as well off. (Gizmodo, ABC News)

~Sung Oh


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