The Value of Education

gaza educationAs students, we never really think about how school is important to us. The majority of us say to ourselves: “great, it’s the end of the weekend and I have to go to school tomorrow”. Imagine though, if you weren’t able to go to school anymore: what if you were not able to receive your education to excel yourself and be involved in the profession you would like to be in? None of us really think about the what if’s. However, for the children of Gaza, they don’t say “great, I have to go to school”, but rather they say to themselves, “what will happen if I do go”.

These kids worry about walking to school, which is just 5 minutes from where they live. A kid should not worry about any of that, but rather spend their time being a kid. Most Gaza kids don’t even have enough school supplies in order for them to study for their classes. Can you imagine yourself as a kid, probably watching SpongeBob or the power puff girls, while these kids face the real reality? Being surrounded by these conflicts they will never get the chance to have a normal child hood like you and I, which includes school to. Most of us may meet our best friends in elementary school, we never think of how essential school is to our education is until we are older and how it affects us socially.

We should take the opportunities that we have and realize that we are so lucky for them because somewhere in the world a child, who was once our age, may never be able to receive an education because of conflicts surrounding them. (IRIN News)

~Nebal Abu Abdo


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