South Carolina’s Rape Problem

south carolina rape problem

(a map of South Carolina, with each dot representing a domestic murder over a span of 8 years)

Along with one of the worst education systems in the country, South Carolina is one of the leading states in America for domestic abuse. The homicide rate for women in South Carolina in one of the highest in the country due to the lack of criminal punishment for rapist and sex offenders. A first offensive conviction of sexual abuse would only hold the criminal for 30 days in jail, opposed to the months even years offenders would serve in other states.

The national average for rapes per year is .03%, which is relatively low in comparison to most countries. The South Carolina rape per year percentage is about .036%. South Carolina makes up almost 2% of all rapes in the United States, even though it only composes 1.5% of the nation’s total population. SC’s self defense policy pertaining to murder does not protect women who act in self defense as they are being sexually assaulted. The “Stand Your Ground” policy seems to only protect men who kill in a fight gone awry. It is at this point where we, as a state, need to ask ourselves if these laws are even necessary of they don’t protect our women.

How do we try and stop sex crimes? Education has proven to be one of the few ways to effectively combat rape. Organizations, such as the Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands, offer educational programs for high schools and many other outlets. An educated population would make people aware of not only the risks of becoming victims, and the consequences of being offenders. (Slate, The Atlantic)

-by Thomas Agostini


One thought on “South Carolina’s Rape Problem

  1. I can only say this if are state is as claimed here than I must admit that there must be a change in this state and another alternative must be added to help fight this leading problem.

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