A Comparison of Gun Regulation


According to statistics reported by GunPolicy.org, the United States has about 270,000,000 guns, which is a total of about 88.8% of the nation’s population. If you compare the amount of firearms in a population, the United States and other countries such as France are quite similar. France is ranked twelfth in the number of guns owned by any civilian population. However, countries such as France have tighter regulations regarding who they give guns to. In the last year, there were 35 homicides by firearm in France. If someone were to account for the whole population, this would be .06 people per 100,000 in the population. In the United States, there are 9,146 homicides by firearm. This is a total of 2.97 people per 100,000, meaning you are nearly fifty times more likely to be murdered by firearm in the United States than France.

My main argument isn’t about making guns illegal, it is about the regulations placed on their distribution. In other countries besides the United States, there are so many tests and background checks you have to fulfill. For example, the European Council Directive of June 18, 1991, regulates the possession of semiautomatic weapons and handguns based on a system of license, which can be obtained after a thorough background check (Trans-Atlantic Magazine). In some countries in Europe, you can only have two shots in a pump-action gun, or a semi-automatic. These are just some of the policies that the United States could put into effect to reduce the amount of crime that involves the use of firearms.

by Sebastian Fearn


2 thoughts on “A Comparison of Gun Regulation

  1. France doesn’t have the dysfunctional inner cities that the U.S. has, nor does it have the racial/social problems. According to FBI stats for 1911 for homicide where the race of the offender was known it was black 52.4% of the time despite blacks being less than 14% of the population. U.S. policy of half a century as nearly destroyed the inner city black family and drugs, and a War on Drugs has turned American inner cities into a war zone with competing factions of gang bangers and race hustlers.

    Consider the homicide rate for the U.S. is 4.7 per 100,000. Now consider what the homicide rate is in some of our cities (often run by Democrats for decades if not more):

    New Orleans 62.1
    Detroit 35.9
    Baltimore 29.7
    Newark 25.4
    Miami 23.7
    Washington D.C. 19.0
    Atlanta 17.2
    Cleveland 17.4
    Buffalo 16.5
    Houston 12.9
    Chicago 11.6

    If you understand the above, and the math that arrives at the national average, then you see the problem is hugely skewed. Many parts of America are as safer, if not safer than France on average. My small town in Texas typically has a homicide rate of 0 per 100K most years.

    Your error is trying to take correlation and assume causation. Guns are not the root cause in the U.S., and more regulations won’t fix things.



    • I can see your point but There is something else, the people of the USA know that they have the right to Arms but what they do not know or do not know enough about are the regulations I believe another factor to go along is “Ignorance” not to insult gun lovers I insult the people who don’t do the right thing and tell the regulations when it comes to guns if Knowledge is power then the more you know in terms of safety then the better you truly are but only if you have the “Right” information especially with gun’s and any weapon for that matter.

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