In our society, when we think of the process of “re-homing,” we imagine the trading of cars or material objects. However, over the past few years, “re-homing” has taken on a new level of intensity. It has gone from the swap of materials to the exchange of children. Children have been traded through the use of forums internationally without lawyers, adoption agencies, or papers. Simply press a button, type a description, and an adopted child becomes recycled from one family to another.

According to Nicholas Kristof’s article in The New York Times, an investigative study known as Reuters observed this issue. Many of the parents that “re-sell” their adopted children via Yahoo Forums, or other means of technology, are at “wit’s end,” because many of the children were emotionally troubled before being adopted and brought the trouble to the families that adopted them.

This form of fixing adoptions that don’t work out with little formality is especially vulnerable to the dangers present. Many of these children that are being “re-sold” to families via the Internet are being sold to pedophiles and other dangerous homes, which could be prevented if lawyers, papers, and agencies were involved. The majority of the children that were “re-homed” were internationally adopted children.

The only way to stop this issue is to make sure the children that are a part of adoptions that don’t work out find another home through an adoption agency. This issue of “re-selling” children over the Internet epitomizes the troubling child care system in America. Many children don’t receive enough protection, nutrition, education, or any other vital necessities. According to Kristof, if we have rules on recycling, we should also have rules regarding the placement of children into safe homes, and I completely agree. It’s time we make a change, and place the safety of our children at a higher priority.


by Akhila Padi


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