The Power of a Dream

It starts off as an idea or a hope or a dream that one day we might be able to be who we want to be or do what we want to do. Without any knowledge of how society works and limited knowledge of what’s right or wrong, these dreams start off small. Making these dreams come true requires that we take a path that betters our chances and prevents societal constraints from diminishing our hope. However, as we grow and learn and make way towards our future, it’s surprising how much we discover. We discover injustices. We discover failures. We discover successes. Most importantly, we discover that the dream we once held to ourselves can be put in the reach of someone else and give them the chance to make their own path. Your dream might just allow you to help someone else create their own.

This is exactly what Kakenya Ntaiya sought out to do when, after struggling through poverty, genital mutilation, and little power to push her forward, she was given the chance to chase her dream of becoming a teacher. Her education at college in America after schooling in Kenya helped her realize that there’s so much more that she can do to help girls in Kenya divert the path that so many are forced to follow. Marrying young, traditional genital mutilation, lack of property rights. Ntaiya’s dreams saved theirs. Learn more about her story by watching the video below of Ntaiya’s TedTalk.

“As you change your world, you are going to change your community.”

To learn more, watch her TED talk:

by Habiba Fayyaz


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