Water, What a Life Saver

To some, hearing about the need for clean water is unfortunately mundane and just not nearly as exciting as the latest headline. Hearing that a child dies every 20 seconds due to a lack of clean water is hard to comprehend when such a cause of death is so hard to relate to. Very few take the time to think about how much good can be done by giving a family in Africa or India an effective water filter or a water well that can be used by the community because so many take this essential substance for granted. Last year, I might not have been excluded from this group. Although I was concerned with providing opportunities for others around the world and helping those that I could, my thoughts and ideas were limited. My appreciation for the access to clean drinking water began by seeing science research presentations from students in my class attempting to filtrate pharmaceuticals out of water or use metal-coated sand filters to effectively and inexpensively filter arsenic out of water. This inspired me to look further into clean drinking water and just how many opportunities it opens up for those who at one point would have had to walk miles to access the same water that I only had to walk a few steps to reach.

Organizations like Ryan’s Well Foundation and LIFESAVER have been perfect examples of just how important access to safe drinking water can be. Since its establishment, Ryan’s Well Foundation has helped fund the construction of over 720 water wells across the globe, many of which continue to provide water for the communities they were built, and has brought improved drinking water and sanitation to over 760, 900 people.  LIFESAVER took a slightly different approach when its founder Michael Pritchard invented the LIFESAVER bottle and filtration device to filter out toxins and wastes from water with such technology that would be better explained by Pritchard himself.

by Habiba Fayyaz


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