Innovation Among the Youth

Kelvin Doe making another one of his inventions

Kelvin Doe making another one of his inventions

It appears that in our great quest to help the less fortunate, we sometimes forget how to best invest our money so that it can truly make a difference. Food, water, and shelter are all essential to life, yet sadly, so many around the world lack access to these very basic needs. In order to fix this problem, we need to locate the source and help rebuild a sturdy foundation for communities from their base. The key is to create schools and programs that students can thrive in, educating a generation of leaders that will pave the way.

Kelvin Doe isn’t just the ordinary 15 year old from Sierra Leone–he’s also an inventor. He takes scraps from trash cans and uses them to create his own generators, transmitters, batteries, and much more. Kelvin also runs his own radio station where he is known as DJ Focus. His accomplishments are so outstanding considering that he is self taught and has such limited resources. Kelvin has already become a leader within his community by using his radio station as a means of alerting the public of demanding issues and bringing them together through music, debates, etc.

David Sengeh, a PhD student at MIT, met Kelvin at a summer program in Sierra Leone and immediately recognized Kelvin’s potential. Since then he has worked hard to bring greater opportunities to Kelvin. Sengeh understands that education is the only solution for the development of the nation and has even created programs to influence the youth of Sierra Leone. He speaks of how their community needs proper schools and programs so that the children can reach their hopes and dreams. Through much work, Sengeh was able to get Kelvin a 3 week residency at MIT where Kelvin could see an entirely different world with seemingly unlimited resources. While at MIT, he discussed the creation of a windmill in his hometown so that his neighbors will have a source of electricity. Despite his young age, Kelvin has big dreams. He has already established that he wants to help promote more innovation within Sierra Leone. Kelvin realizes that in order for his dreams to come true, he cannot do it alone, and that he needs the help of others. He is willing to share what he has learned in the United States with people back home so that they can innovate together. Kelvin Doe is one example of the many children that lack the proper resources to reach their full potential (Crowdrise).

by Lydia Kwon


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